yarn along

I am enjoying this winter. It might be rainy and yes snowy too. And it is cold. Thanks haven. Winter needs to be cold. I have started knitting a new cap for my third daughter. She's lost the one I  had knitted for her.  And she was so sad about it. I had to promise her to rush in to a new knitting work. I came across this lovely lovely wool. It is almost like a dream  to me like the book I am reading right now.

Daphne Du Maurier: Ein Tropfen Zeit (the house on the strand)It is all about dreams and putting them into the real world, in our every day life. I truly love this book. I enjoy the graphics as much as the story itself. Dreams and stories from the past running into our time. Over and over again. Let the world shine in a very different light. This is what life is all about, isn't it? Dreams become real -small ones and bigger ones. Reading a book when it is cold outside is one of my dreams - which is now coming true. As I said - I am really enjoying this winter.

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